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May 21st IEMG Concert and Gathering

IEMG Concert and Gathering
When: Saturday, May 21st, 7-9:30 PM. Doors at 6pm
Where: Woodruff Place Town Hall 735 East Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46201
Cost: $5 suggested donation

On Saturday May 21st, the Indianapolis Electronic Music Group (IEMG) will host an evening of live music, art, video, socializing, food and drink at the Woodruff Place Town Hall 735 East Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46201.
Get your Saturday night off to a great start with good people, interesting new music, art and video.

Music by ODL, Faux Pas Quartet, Improvisation by IEMG members.
Featured visual artist Elizabeth Kenney

IEMG is an organization made up of electronic and electro-acoustic musicians committed to building community and supporting each other through meetings, performances, seminars, parties, improv sessions, collaborations and workshops.



“The Oratory of Divine Love” is the radio-manipulation project of John Gore (kirchenkampf, >wirewall<). It has been in existence since the early 00’s. The goal is new music drawn from the radio wave aether that surrounds us all. It can be both noisy and surreal.
Music for the within and without.

Faux Pas Quartet, 7:45
Enjoy improvisations and songs by this eclectic and innovative quartet.
Soft and hard synths, electric bass, electronic wind instrument, a pedal tray and female vocals are used to create beats, bleepy-blurpy noises, intricate melodies, samples, and haunting vocals. Faux Pas Quartet combines free form improvisation with traditional song structure to create innovative melodies, harmony and grooves.

Warning from Space! 8:45
Members of IEMG improvise to an edit of the 1956 Japanese Sci-Fi classic.
Warning from Space! was the first Japanese science fiction film to be produced in color. In the film’s plot, starfish-like aliens disguised as humans travel to Earth to warn of the imminent collision of a rogue planet and Earth.

Featured visual artist: Elizabeth Kenney
Elizabeth Kenney’s art¬†focuses on landscape and figurative work with elements of surrealism, symbolism, and narrative.

May 14th IEMG Meeting and Improv

Indianapolis Electronic Music Group

The next meeting Indianapolis Electronic Music Group will be Saturday, May 14th from 1pm to 4pm
Invite your friends!

Most of the meeting will be spent making music so bring an instrument and a cable.

We will also be putting together the IEMG group improv accompanying an edit of the 1956 Sci-Fi film “Warning from Space” to be performed as part of the May 21st IEMG concert.

Since we are meeting in an IEMG members home I’m not publishing the physical address.If you are on the IEMG yahoo group list the location information has been posted.

Click HERE to join the IEMG yahoo group .
If you are not on the IEMG yahoo group list (or don’t want to join the list) message me and I will give you the address and google map url.

Join IEMG on Facebook!

3rd Annual Kansas City electro-music Festival

The 3rd Annual
Kansas City electro-music Festival 2011
3 Days of Experimental Electronic music from artists across the country

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 23, 24, & 25, 2011. The festival will also be streaming live on the world wide web all weekend at

If you are interested in attending, participating, or performing at KCEM2011, Please drop us a line in this thread or contact Shane Morris here through a pm or at

Check out our page and add us on Facebook HERE

Live Performances
Improvisational Collaborations
DIY Workshops
Drum Circle
Live Online Streaming
Surround Sound
Live Visuals and Lighting

Confirmed Artists:

Live Visuals by Michael O’Bannon – Atlanta, Ga

Live Music:
Ryan Lee Toms – Kansas City, Mo
Suicide Lane – Atlanta, Ga
Christus and the Cosmonaughts – Ks & Pa
Kip Rosser – Philadelphia, Pa
Haller, Herpich, Morris – Ga, Ks, Ar
Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega– Kansas City, Ks.
Parity Flux – Tucson, Az
KWA – Indianapolis, In
Howard Moscovitz – Allentown, Pa
Dennis Moser (aka usr/sbin) – Laramie, Wy.
Tensor Sensellation – Lawrence, Ks.
Burning Artist(s) Sale – Atlanta, Ga.
Cody Loyd – Eldorado Springs, Mo.
Magnetic Wind – Denver, Co.
Synth Invasion – Lincoln, Ne.
State Machine – Long Island, Ny.
dRachEmUsik – Indianapolis, In.
Slate – Indianapolis, In.
Dan Minoza – Philadelphia, Pa.
Emerald Adrift – Lawrence, Ks.
Adamon – Lawrence, Ks.
Kevin Kissinger – Kansas City, Mo.
Shane Morris – Fayetteville, Ar.

This is a Free Event! The goal of the KC.EM.FEST is to promote experimental electronic music and musicians in the region and throughout the country and create a stronger network between these artists and the public!

Pics and Downloads from the first year HERE

The address is:
Walnut Creek Clubhouse
5502 Clubhouse Cove
Parkville, Mo. 64152

Recording Vocals for Faux Pas Quartet

Began recording vocals for the first studio release by Faux Pas Quartet. Basic rhythm tracks are finished and plan to have the vocals done in the next 5 days!

Here are some pictures of Jen Schmetzer with her awesome live vocal rig recording “AC Lounge”

Music from last Thursday, Episode #37

MflT Episode #37, 5-3-11

Get the podcast here!

Music from last Thursday radio

Tuesday 20:00-22:00 GMT and Friday 01:00-03:00 GMT

Two hours of bleepy, blurpy, glitchy electro-acoustic and electronic improvisations with faux pas quartet and friends on radio.

Tune in and join us in the chat room.

Episode #37, 5-3-11 MflT playlist
01. Burning Artist- Kardiak 1 10-50
02. Burning Artist- venus AM 37-13
03. Burning Artist- premonition 03-27
04. Burning Artist- Black Friday 14-59
05. Burning Artist- Dismore dirge 05-56
06. Faux Pas Quartet- Happy 140 10:02
07. Faux Pas Quartet- What have we done? 12:02
08. Faux Pas Quartet- Ceremonious excursions from reality 08:04
09. Shane Moriss- Equinox 14:00



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