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Kansas City electro-music Festival

The 3rd Annual
Kansas City electro-music Festival 2011
3 Days of Live Experimental Electronic music from artists across the country

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 23, 24, & 25, 2011. The festival will also be streaming live on the world wide web all weekend at

Walnut Creek Clubhouse
5502 Clubhouse Cove
Parkville, Mo. 64152

This is a Free Event! The goal of the KC.EM.FEST is to promote experimental electronic music and musicians in the region and throughout the country and create a stronger network between these artists and the public!

Pics and Downloads from the first year HERE

Check out our page and add us on Facebook HERE

Live Performances
Improvisational Collaborations
DIY Workshops
Drum Circle
Live Online Streaming
Surround Sound
Live Visuals and Lighting

Ryan Lee Toms – Kansas City, Mo
Suicide Lane – Atlanta, Ga
Christus and the Cosmonaughts – Ks & Pa
Kip Rosser – Philadelphia, Pa
Haller, Herpich, Morris – Ga, Ks, Ar
Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega– Kansas City, Ks.
Parity Flux – Tucson, Az
KWA – Indianapolis, In
Howard Moscovitz – Allentown, Pa
Dennis Moser (aka usr/sbin) – Laramie, Wy.
Tensor Sensellation – Lawrence, Ks.
Burning Artist(s) Sale – Atlanta, Ga.
Cody Loyd – Eldorado Springs, Mo.
Magnetic Wind – Denver, Co.
Synth Invasion – Lincoln, Ne.
State Machine – Long Island, Ny.
dRachEmUsik – Indianapolis, In.
Slate – Indianapolis, In.
Dan Minoza – Philadelphia, Pa.
Emerald Adrift – Lawrence, Ks.
Adamon – Lawrence, Ks.
Kevin Kissinger – Kansas City, Mo.
Shane Morris – Fayetteville, Ar.

Music from last Thursday – Episode 45

MflT Episode #45, 6-30-11

MflT Episode #45 on radio

Bleepy, blurpy, glitchy nerd-hop
Live improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet.
Recorded material by JFox, Bubzy, MusicMan11712 and featuring the Jmtta release “Norwaldo”

Get the podcast here!

Music from last Thursday radio

Tuesday 20:00-22:00 GMT and Friday 01:00-03:00 GMT

Two hours of bleepy, blurpy, glitchy electro-acoustic and electronic improvisations with faux pas quartet and friends on radio.

Tune in and join us in the chat room.

Episode #45, 6-30-11 MflT playlist

01. Faux Pas Quartet – My own eyes – 16:31
02. Bubzy – The New Adventures of Bob – 08:11
03. JFox – Alchemy – 09:44
04. Faux Pas Quartet – In your mind – 15:26
05. MusicMan11712 – Hypnotek – 15:24
06. Faux Pas Quartet – It’s scary what they do – 15:02
Jmtta, “Norwaldo”:
07. Norwaldo – 05:30
08. Sunset at the Rails – 02:20
09. Biological Sound System – 04:52
10. Thicket – 04:41
11. Birch gives up her Treasure – 03:06
12. Maple Cliff Autumn – 02:48
13. Of Moles and Miners – 01:42
14. Bottle No[i}se Rock – 01:49
15. Water and Sonar – 00:40
16. The Factory Floor – 02:40
17. The Sickness of Nostalgia – 01:04

Jmtta release – “Norwaldo”

Free download at MCSD NetLabel

— Eleven delicate, thoughtful, “lower-case” soundscapes from Jmtta

— Norwaldo is a collection of sounds and textures that willingly surrender themselves to the tiny corners of your speakers, and reside there as whispers and dust.


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