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IEMG Concert @ Irving Theater 10-7-11

The Historic Irving Theater and

Indianapolis Electronic Music Group


a “first Friday” evening of music and visuals

When: Friday, October 7th, 6 – 9 PM
Where: Irving Theater, 5505 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
Cost: FREE ($5 suggested donation)
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Get your Friday night off to a great start with good people, interesting new music, art and video.

Music by Faux Pas Quartet, Jason Breitigan and Surreal Estate

Faux Pas Quartet
Nerd Hop!  Female voice, electric bass, soft-synths, electronic wind controller and keyboards are used to create bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, free form and structured improvisations. For two years, Jen Schmetzer, Duncan Putman, Charles Shriner and Aaron Urbanski have been performing live as Faux Pas Quartet and hosting the weekly radio show  “Music from last Thursday” on

Bunny and Kelly Sheets use vintage and new synthesizers to create their unique blend of old and new Berlin school ambient electronica.

Jason Breitigan
Delicate, thoughtful, “lower-case” soundscapes. Compositions for people who enjoy silence. A muted collection of sparse soundscapes, lightly dusted with quiet sounds and micro rhythms.

Indianapolis Electronic Music Group
IEMG is an organization made up of experimental electroacoustic and electronic musicians committed to building community and supporting each other through meetings, performances, improvisation sessions, collaborations and workshops.
IEMG is the local chapter of the international community.

50th episode of Music from last Thursday

Well it’s hard to believe but tonight from 20:00 – 22:00 EDT will be the 50th live broadcast of Music from last Thursday (MflT) on

Every Thursday night the members of Faux Pas Quartet (Aaron Urbanski, Charles Shriner, Duncan Putman, Jen Schmetzer) gather together and share a wonderful meal – cooked by my partner Burt Woodruff – wine, conversation and whatever with friends before moving into the studio space and making bleepy, blurpy, glitchy music for a few hours. Nerd Hop! So as you may have suspected there is a party going on here at the house at the same time you folks are having a party and listening.

To celebrate our Nerd Hop milestone we will be featuring some personal music by each of the members of Faux Pas Quartet AND we are happy to announce the new Faux Pas Quartet web site… but wait there’s more… the new release by Faux Pas Quartet “MflT Favorites Vol. 1; I’ve read about such things.” The release is a free down load. Get it here! We will be closing the show with a recording of Richard Lainhart live at the Allfa Art Gallery 4-9-11. Hope you are able to tune in and join us in chat.

Many thanks to all the musicians whose Creative Commons music we play between improvisations as well as the musicians who sit in and make music with us. Super thanks to Burt, April and Matt.

Most of all thanks to all the listeners and especially  the wonderful community for giving us the opportunity to do the show every week. It’s been a great experience and we are looking forward to the next 50 episodes!



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