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Today On “Music from last Thursday”

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast

Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 EDT – 19:00- 21:00 GMT

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Nerd Hop! Bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Jack Hertz, Emerald Adrift (David Herpich), Howard Moscovitz, Damon Mar and Kevin Kissinger

MflT Playlist 10-27-11

01. Faux Pas Quartet – Boundaries like temptation – 19:02
02. Jack Hertz – Polymer – 10:10
03. Jack Hertz – Red40 – 09:15
03. Faux Pas Quartet – For you my love – 16:13
04. Emerald Adrift – Excerpt from “Within the Purple Forbidden” – 21:20
05. Faux Pas Quartet – Anlet – 15:13
06. Howard Moscovitz, Damon Mar, Dave Herpich, Kevin Kissinger – Improvisation from Kansas City electro-music 2011 – 19:44

Five new releases of interest

Five new releases for your aural pleasure. Different styles, different artists, different labels. Imaginative, well crafted, well executed music. Images and project names will link to the music.

Skiks  (Bruce Hamilton) – compulse

“compulse” is a collection of (mostly) pulse-driven microtonal/xenharmonic tracks produced in 2010-2011. Tunings are often mixed, producing a kind of heterophonous pitch space; other times one tuning or scale is explored with focus. The track list is designed for album style listening.





Emerald Adrift (David Herpich) – Within the Purple Forbidden

This set was recorded live at the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival on Friday, July 23, 2010 and is full of surprises. Most notable about this release is Emerald Adrift’s unique ability to transition effortlessly from one genre to another so smoothly. This longform live set glides from spacious piano ambience with jazz and classical influences, to celestial night-sky space music, to experimental terrain that recalls Morton Subotnick and some of the early sounds of electronic music. This is an album to get lost in. A powerful sonic experience that never overly indulges in sounds, leaving just enough space for a wonderfully introspective journey.

Artist Website: Emerald Adrift

Jack HertzArtificial

Artificial is a collection of 16 cyberpunk inspired works between music and noise. Roaming electronic styles from ambient to experimental to psychedelic krautrock . Mystical and yet full of life organic musical movement by Jack Hertz. This release as Jack wrote : is focused on using the studio to explore surreal sonic spaces that feel natural and artificial at the same time .






jmtta (Jason Breitigan) – about an ocean

a collection of sounds and textures that willingly surrender themselves to the tiny corners of your speakers, and reside there as whispers and dust.

— Delicate, thoughtful, “lower-case” soundscapes.





Shane MorrisComplex Silence

Shane presents four minimal pieces that can only be described as lush and gorgeous. Bell-like sounds and electric piano predominate, but to say that is at once a contradiction. Listen deeply and then listen even more deeply. You’ll hear reversed drones, floating tones, washes of faraway sounds, hints of melodies, echoes and reverbs adding space and immensity to an overall ambience and drifting quality, yet each track is intense and focused.

Four tracks of pure, ambient complexity. An October treat for your ears and for your mind.

electro-music Streaming Halloween Concert

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IEMG Concert @ Irving Theater 11-4-11

 The Historic Irving Theater


Indianapolis Electronic Music Group

First Friday evening of music and visuals

When: Friday, November 4th, 7 – 10 PM – Yes the music really starts at 7
Where: Irving Theater, 5505 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
Cost: FREE ($5 suggested donation)
Google Map
Get your Friday night off to a great start with good people, interesting new music, art and video.

Music by KWA, John Gore and Faux Pas Quartet

KWA is an abstract multi-sensory artist specializing in UltraSonic Illuminations. His work lifts the veil of deceit and thought control propagated by Mass Media. KWA lays down The Sonic Law and compels a paradigm shift in consciousness. Utilizing experimental methods KWA’s recent works force the listener to question the mechanics of the world in which we live and the very nature of perception itself.

John Gore
“The Oratory of Divine Love”
Radio-manipulation project by John Gore. Music from the radio aether that surrounds us.
“The Oratory of Divine Love is the radio-manipulation project of John Gore (‘kirchenkampf’, >wirewall<). It has been in existence since the early 00’s. The goal is new music drawn from the radio wave aether that surrounds us all. It can be both noisy and surreal. Music for the within and without.

Faux Pas Quartet
Nerd Hop!  Female voice, electric bass, soft-synths, electronic wind controller and keyboards are used to create bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, free form and structured improvisations. For two years, Jen Schmetzer, Duncan Putman, Charles Shriner and Aaron Urbanski have been performing live as Faux Pas Quartet and hosting the weekly radio show  “Music from last Thursday” on

Indianapolis Electronic Music Group
IEMG is an organization made up of experimental electroacoustic and electronic musicians committed to building community and supporting each other through meetings, performances, improvisation sessions, collaborations and workshops.
IEMG is the local chapter of the international community.

Today On “Music from last Thursday”

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast

Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 EDT – 19:00 – 21:00 GMT

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Nerd Hop! Bleepy, blurry, glitchy, Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Shane Morris and featuring the new release by jmtta – “about an ocean”.

MflT Playlist 10-20-11

01. Faux Pas Quartet – Live at the Irving Theater, 10-7-11, Set 1 – 27:47
02. jmtta release “about an ocean”
1. adrift at starlight – 01:33
2. bon voyage – 01:43
3. crustaceans take the beach at night – 05:00
4. when the tide comes in – 04:40
5. bash on the beach – 03:38
6. sunday without you – 03:17
7. snow on the sand – 03:54
8. crustacean – 05:57
03. Faux Pas Quartet – Live at the Irving Theater,10-7-11, Set 2 – 30:23
04. Shane Morris – Equinox – 14:00
05. Shane Morris – Twilight Returns – 10:40

Music from last Thursday Podcast #53

“Music from last Thursday”  Episode #53 is up. Featuring the new release by PHOBoS, Shkart022 – Friday Night Pianoid Music.

Get it here

Thursday evening 15:00 – 17:00 EDT – Friday 00:00 – 02:00 GMT

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Episode 53 on radio
Live improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet w/guest Jason Breitigan
Recorded music by Burning Artist, Blue Hell and featuring the new release by PHOBoS, Shkart022 – Friday Night Pianoid Music.

Episode #52, 9-22-11 MflT playlist
01. Burning Artist – Kardiak 1 – 10:50
02. Faux Pas Quartet – Taste Me – 15:41
03. Blue Hell – Prayer Machine Radio edit – 15:01
04. Faux Pas Quartet – OMG there’s a hippy in the room – 24:56
05. PHOBoS – Friday Night Pianoid Music – 48:50

Today On “Music from last Thursday”

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast

Tuesday 15:00 – 17:00 EDT – 19:00 – 21:00 GMT

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Nerd Hop! Bleepy, blurry, glitchy, Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Kirchenkampf (John Gore), Mystery Hearsay (Mike Honeycutt) and Emerald Adrift (David Herpich).

MflT Playlist 10-13-11

1. Faux Pas Quartet – Whole, hole again
2. Mystery Hearsay, Mike Honeycutt – Opening the Tomb – 00:56
3. Mystery Hearsay, Mike Honeycutt – Into the Tomb – 04:06
4. Mystery Hearsay, Mike Honeycutt – Descent – 09:42
5. Mystery Hearsay, Mike Honeycutt – Burial Ground – 06:43
6. Faux Pas Quartet – Pi – 20:00
7. Kirchenkampf, John Gore – In Transit – 06:45
8. Kirchenkampf, John Gore – Homesick – 07:35
9. Kirchenkampf, John gore – Dark Planet – 09:59
10. Faux Pas Quartet – I will for you – 20:00
11. Emerald Adrift, Dave Herpich – A Life Apart – 22:39


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