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Today on “Music from last Thursday”

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast #nerdhop

Today 15:00-17:00 ET, 20:00-22:00 GMT

Featuring the new release by Faux Pas Quartet “That’s not music!” and the new release by Dan Minoza “Winter Kept Us Warm” as well as a live recording of Angry Red Planet.

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Dan Minoza – “Winter Kept Us Warm” 


Faux Pas Quartet – MflT Favorites Vol. 2; “That’s not music!”


New Faux Pas Quartet Release

MCSD NetLabel is happy to announce the new five song, 52 min. release by Faux Pas Quartet “MflT Favorites Vol. 2; That’s not music!” #nerdhop

Faux Pas Quartet has performed live improvisations on the streaming radio and podcast “Music from last Thursday” (MflT) on for more then fifty-eight episodes at the time of this release.
“MflT Favorites Vol. 2; That’s not music!” contains fifty-six minutes of the fifty plus hours of music that has been created during the show to date. Including a track with guest “lower case” artist jmtta.
Podcasts of MflT are available for download at or iTunes – search “Music from last Thursday”.
Faux Pas Quartet is a free form improvisation ensemble whose sole purpose is the spontaneous expression of the unconscious.
The resulting music, quite literally, comes from the same stuff of which dreams are made.  Archetypes of the psyche rising unfettered through the medium of the unconscious and becoming manifest in the share conscious reality.
The music is soothing, agitating, floating, rhythmic, funny, scary, sad, angry, melodic and atonal.
Relax, open up and take the time to flow with the music. Above all, give your self permission to explore the irrational.

Aaron Urbanski: Keyboards, controllers, soft-synths and processing
Charles Shriner: Various controllers, Electronic Wind Instrument, soft-synths and processing
Duncan Putman: Electric Bass and processing
Jen Schmetzer: Voice and processing
Featured guest, jmtta: controllers and soft-synths

Today On “Music from last Thursday”

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast

Tuesday 15:00-17:00 EST – 20:00-22:00 GMT

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#NerdHop Bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Tony Gerber and Richard Lainhart. Rebroadcast of Episode #42, 6-2-11.

Episode #42, 6-2-11 MflT playlist

1. Faux Pas Quartet, Comply – 29:37

2. Richard Lainhart, Live @ Alfa Art Gallery 4-8-11 – 29:53

3. Faux Pas Quartet, Liquid white ecstasy – 21:22

4. Tony Gerber, Colour my dream – 09:21

5. Tony Gerber, Dream blue – 16:51

6. Tony Gerber, 06:10


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