IEMG First Friday Concert

The Historic Irving Theater and Indiana Electro-Music Group
Present a First Friday evening of music and visuals

 Live MusicSurrealEstateFaux Pas Quartetjmtta

Visual ArtistsBeth Ann Broadhurst, Joel Yoder, Stephen Crabtree,
Lisa Hay, TeeJay

Video: Joe Howard

When: Friday, November 2nd, 7 – 10PM

Where: Irving Theater, 5505 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46219

Cost: FREE ($5 suggested donation)

Music starts at 7! Performers will rotate 30 min sets.


November 2nd will be the second IEMG concert since the Midwest Electro-Music Experience and is the eighth in a series of bi-monthly First Friday concerts featuring new and unusual electronic and electroacoustic musicians, visual artists and video from the Indianapolis area as well as featuring musicians and artists from the USA and Canada.

Musical styles include ambient, downtempo, chillout, Berlin school, noise, IDM and experimental. Musicians will be playing instruments and not playing back recorded music.

Get your Friday night off to a great start with good people, interesting new music, art and video!
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Surrealestate is a musical experience that utilizes visual and sonic textures reminiscent of the Old Berlin style of electronic synth music.

Surrealestate was formed five years ago with original members Kelly Sheets, Bunny Sheets, and Randy Schwartz. After Randy’s departure, long time friend and associate Jim Curry has contributed his musical creativity to Surrealestate. Surrealestate evolved from Kelly and Bunny’s collective band experiences which included Gravity Hill and Interstellar Electric Gnomes. Jim Curry has been involved in multiple genres and played with bands with tastes ranging from

Kelly Sheets on moogs, seuqencing, and other digital synths, vocals.
Bunny Sheets on keyboards, minimoog voyager, vocals.
Jim Curry on synth percussion, guitar, hand drums, various moogs, vocals.

Surrealestate enjoys playing Old School Berlin using restored Moog vintage synths and other vintage equipment collected over the years. When required, styles include upbeat techno, psychill, ambient, and trance. Lighting and stage props are occasionally utilized to add to the experience.

Faux Pas Quartet

Faux Pas Quartet is a free form improvisation ensemble whose sole purpose is the spontaneous expression of the unconscious.

The resulting music, quite literally, comes from the same stuff of which dreams are made. Archetypes of the psyche rising unfettered through the medium of the unconscious and becoming manifest in the shared conscious reality. The music is soothing, agitating, floating, rhythmic, funny, scary, sad, angry, melodic and atonal – aka ‘nerd hop.’

Relax, open up and take the time to flow with the music. Above all, give yourself permission to explore the irrational.

Charles Shriner: EWI / soft synths / controllers
Aaron Urbanski: Keyboards / soft synths / controllers
Jen Schmetzer: Vocals / sampler / effects
Duncan Putman: Bass / effects / dogs


Jason Breitigan creates delicate, thoughtful, lower-case soundscapes using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments and found objects. Jason is a regular performer on the streaming radio show “Music from last Thursday”, frequently performs with Faux Pas Quartet and has completed three full length releases.

Indiana electro-music Group

IEMG is an organization made up of experimental electroacoustic and electronic musicians committed to building community and supporting each other through meetings, performances, improvisation sessions, collaborations and workshops.
IEMG is the local chapter of the international community.

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