Today on “Music from last Thursday” 4-9-13

#nerdhop Bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, swirling improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet and jmtta. Recorded music by Code11, Symatic Star, usrbin and Georgina Brett.
Today on 15:00-17:00 PM ET, 19:00-20:00 GMT

Tune in and Join us in chat!

Playlist 04-09-13

1. Faux Pas Quartet w/jmtta, Yestergone – 16:51

2. Code11 EP – 17:41

3. Faux Pas Quartet w/jmtta, Scratchy – 21:42

4. Symatic Star, Microcosm II – 24:24

5. Faux Pas Quartet w/jmtta, Free Dirge – 14:52

6. usrbin, 4x12x12x12 – 12:00

7. Georgina Brett, Us Two Too – 12:00

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