Social Networks for my musical universe

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dRachEmUsiK – solo project FaceBook  Twitter  SoundCloud
Live, eclectic, improvised and structured music ranging from Drone/Ambient to Glitch-Groove; Noise to NuJazz.

Faux Pas Quartet – FaceBook Twitter
Faux Pas Quartet is a free form improvisation ensemble whose sole purpose is the spontaneous expression of the unconscious. The resulting music, quite literally, comes from the same stuff of which dreams are made.

MflT “Music from last Thursday”
Weekly  two hour radio show and podcast on radio featuring live improvisations by  Faux Pas Quartet and friends as well as recorded music from the experimental electroacoustic and electronic music community.

IEMG – Indiana Electro-Music Group – FaceBook
Monthly meetings, concerts, hosts for annual MEME festival. IEMG is the local chapter of the community.

Midwest Electro-Music Experience; MEME! – FaceBook
Annual Electro-Music Festival held in Indianapolis, IN
Two days of experimental electronic & electroacoustic music, workshops, video and more. Featuring musicians from around the USA.

MCSD NetLabelFaceBook Twitter
Catering to listeners of new and unusual Electronic and Electroacoustic music.

MCSD StudioFaceBook
Production and recording services for the creators of new and unusual Electronic and Electroacoustic music.

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