Bob Bucko Jr. w/Surrealestate

IEMG and The Irving Theater Present

October 8th
7-9pm, $5 suggested donation.

5505 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN
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Bob Bucko Jr.

Bob Bucko Jr. has been described as “all over the free-music map from jazz to drone to noise, and ruling in each area and every adjacent territory he crosses” (Thurston Hunger, KFJC) and has been said to have “successfully thwarted recognizable songform in its entirety” (Rick Ele, KDVS). His second solo album (as BBJr) for Captcha Records, How to F*** All Your Co-workers in One Sitting, was selected by WFMU as a “record of the day” and was featured on Brian Turner’s (WFMU) “Best of 2012” list. He has also released albums through Jeunesse Cosmique and Felt Cat, and operates the Personal Archives label. He is touring throughout September and October in support of his new LP, I Did What I Could With What I Had.
Standing at the intersection of songform, free improvisation, and psychedelia, each BBJr set is an improvised reaction to the room/audience/moment. Drones buzz and tone clusters emerge with a visceral, glacial logic. An adherent of the ecstatic in music, he puts his eyes in the back of his head and lets ‘er rip.


Surrealestate is a musical experience that utilizes visual and sonic textures reminiscent of the Old Berlin style of electronic synth music. Surrealestate was formed five years ago with original members Kelly Sheets, Bunny Sheets, and Randy Schwartz. After Randy’s departure, long time friend and associate Jim Curry has contributed his musical creativity to Surrealestate. Surrealestate evolved from Kelly and Bunny’s collective band experiences which included Gravity Hill and Interstellar Electric Gnomes. Jim Curry has been involved in multiple genres and played with bands with tastes ranging from Grateful Dead, Psychodellia, Blues, and Bluegrass. Former band member, Randy Schwartz, contributed his experiences from Tombstone Valentine and added his own unique style through synths, delays, and violin.

Currently Surrealestate enjoys playing Old School Berlin using restored Moog vintage synths and other vintage equipment collected over the years. When required, styles include upbeat techno, psychill, ambient, and trance. Lighting and stage props are occasionally utilized to add to the experience.

IEMG October First Friday Concert

IEMG and The Irving Theater

October 3rd, First Friday Concert
7-10pm, $5 suggested donation.

5505 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN
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Perfect Villain – Chicago, IL

Perfect Villain is an experimental electronic duo based in Chicago, Illinois. Their sounds are inspired by Hip Hop, abstraction, other worldliness, Robert Fripp, the urban landscape, post-everything, and the internet. Ocean Androzzo is working on a solo rap EP and sara sci fi enjoys collaborating with Butoh dancers and her other bandmate Jukka Pekka Kervinen of Nyhos.

Rob Funkhouser – Bloomington, IN
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Rob Funkhouser is a composer, performer, and instrument builder living in Indianapolis, IN. He graduated from Indiana University, where he studied music composition under Dr. Elliott Miles McKinley and Dr. Peter Farmer. He has been involved in a number of solo, collaborative, and recording projects ranging from small band settings to an orchestral concerto. His current projects include electric kalimba construction, solo percussion performances, electronic music, and a violin sonata.

Veronica Pejril – Greencastle, IN

Veronica Pejril is a composer and multi-keyboardist from Greencastle, Indiana, where she teaches digital musicianship and computer music at DePauw University. An alumna of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios and Princeton’s computer music lab, she was an early explorer into the intersections of MIDI and sound synthesis and continues to explore non-traditional uses of human/computer interfaces for musical expression. Her current interests include applications of sound-spatialization for real-time interactive installation art, as well as for traditional through-composed music.

Groovy Beat, Binaural Theta Drone Video

Theta Drone using 4-7 Hz binaural beats, simple groove and some pretty visuals.
This is a simple Drone created to facilitate deep meditation, guided visualizations and active imagination work using 4-7 Hz binaural beats to induce theta waves.
Use headphones or full spectrum, stereo sound system.
Music © 2013 Charles Shriner
Creative Commons BY-NC

Tonight on Music from last Thursday 8-28-14

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
20:00-22:00 EDT, 00:00-02:00 GMT (Friday)
Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Michael Drews, Modulator ESP and onewayness

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3 mugs mflt
Playlist 8-28-14
1. Michael Drews, Live recording from MEME 2014 – 18:12
2. Faux Pas Quartet, Live improvisation – about 40:00
3. Modulator ESP, Cassette Split w/onewayness, mens sana corpore sano – 29:56
4. onewayness., Cassette Split w/Modulator ESP, mens sana corpore sano – 29:29


Tonight on MflT 8-21-14

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
20:00-22:00 EDT, 00:00-02:00 GMT (Friday)
Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Earthgirl, dREKKa and Paul Vnuk Jr.

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Playlist 8-21-14

1. Earthgirl, Live recording from MEME 2014 – 25:42

2. Faux Pas Quartet, Live improvisation – about 40:00

3. dREKKa, Live recording from MEME 2014 – 22:41

4. Paul Vnuk Jr., Live recording from MEME 2014 – 29:12

Today on MflT 8-19-14

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
15:00-17:00 EDT, 19:00-21:00 GMT
Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet Recorded music by Goodhands Team, AfterMyth and Todd Campbell

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Playlist 8-19-14

1. Todd Campbell, Live at MEME 2015 – 23:20

2. Faux Pas Quartet, live improvisation – about 40:00

3. AfterMyth, Live at MEME 2015 – 22:30

4. GoodHands Team, Live at MEME 2015 – 32:00

Glowing Men by Angry Red Planet


MCSD NetLabel is proud to announce
Glowing Men
Angry Red Planet

Indianapolis, IN based Angry Red Planet consists of Joe Howard (keyboards, guitar), Simon Howard (keyboards, guitar) and Mark McCleerey (percussion). They formed in 2012 as a merging and continuation of previous projects. Their music is a beguiling, frequency-defying combination of synthesizer textures, edgy percussion and arcane spoken-word fragments.

Particularly striking is their conflation of compelling melodies and sweet tones with unapologetically gritty noise. Their album Glowing Men is a collection of what are essentially well crafted songs, albeit without singing. But the album is also a fascinating journey through lovingly constructed sonic architecture – angry indeed at times, but often playful as well, and in any case a trip worth taking again and again.

Buy the 16 track download and get a bonus track featuring cEvin Key.


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