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Atlanta Sessions Vol. 3

MCSD NetLabel
Atlanta Sessions Vol. 3, Frank Schultz & dRachEmUsiK
Atlanta Sessions Vol. 3
Atlanta Sessions Vol 3 brings together Frank Schultz of Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel and Charles Shriner of dRachEmUsiK. The music was created and recorded at Forensic Audio Labs in Atlanta, GA on November 14th 1012. The end result is an eminently listenable collection of five pieces that combine elements of Ambient, Drone, modal Jazz and Glitch all with a lower-case sensibility.

This Month at MCSD NetLabel

Atlanta Sessions Vol. 2, Scott Burland & dRachEmUsiK
Atlanta Sessions Vol. 2v2smlTheremin and Electronic Wind Instrument are the primary instruments used to create this spontaneous sonic journey. Recorded in 2012 between the afternoon of November 12th and the morning of the 13th, there was very little planning regarding approach, structure, instrumentation or style. We would talk, share about our lives, eat, go to the market, sleep and in-between sit down and make music. The end result was a musical conversation between elements of our unconscious; a dream-world mirror of the surrounding shared conscious reality. Close your eyes, relax and experience what these simple yet emotionally rich dialogs have to say to you.

Atlanta Sessions Vol. 1, Klimchak & dRachEmUsiK.
atl sessions vol 1 v2Immerse yourself in this whimsical, disturbing, soothing, raucous, ethereal universe of organic, alien soundscapes.
Faux Pas Quartet, Mflt Favorites Vol. 2
Kokopelli in a Deep Space Cargo Ship
cover mflt web vol3Faux Pas Quartet has performed live improvisations on the streaming radio and podcast “Music from last Thursday” (MflT) on radio.electro-music.com since 2010. “MflT Favorites Vol. 3; Kokopelli in a deep space cargo ship” contains music performed on MflT in the early part of 2012

‘The Sound of Thunder’ on Time Drone Tonight

Tonight on Time Drone, Jack Hertz will be playing the entire new release, “The Sound of Thunder” by onewayness and dRachEmUsiK  along with other fine drone and ambient music by various artists.

Tune In to StillStream tonight at 10 PM ET / 8 PM CT / 7 PM PT streaming live.

New Release – ‘The Sound of Thunder’

MCSD NetLabel and onomastic
are very happy to announce the release of
‘The Sound of Thunder’
by onewayness and dRachEmUsiK
A unique blend of Binaural Theta Drone, Ambient, lowercase and Glitch.

The Sound of Thunder is a collaborative effort by onewayness and dRachEmUsiK that was inspired by the final movement of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’, ‘What the Thunder Said'; and also by the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, from which it draws heavily.  Each movement is based on one of the four concepts from the Upanishad, as used by Eliot:  Datta (Charity), Dayadhvam (Mercy), Damyata (Restraint), and Shantih (Peace).  With the exception of Peace, which we have allowed to stand alone, the movements are intended to represent the conflict and resolution between these virtues and the ‘undesirable’ qualities that they are meant to keep in check.

Time Drone Halloween & “The Sound of Thunder”

Select tracks from The new release “The Sound of Thunder” by onewayness and dRachEmUsiK will be featured on the Halloween edition of Time Drone, Wednesday, October 31st. The show will be broadcast from noon til 9pm CT and will feature new music from Mark Mosher, Shane Morris, Grove of Whispers, Peter DiPhillips, The New False Gods, The Sound of Thunder, Silvercord, Cousin Silas, Space Rock: The Compilation, Magnetic Wind, and much more!

“The Sound of Thunder” will be released Thursday, November 1st. Downloads and CD will be available at Kunaki, MCSD NetLabel and onomastic.


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