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New release from remst8 & dRachEmUsiK

Bluestones” is the culmination of dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner, Indianapolis, IN) and remst8 (Michael Carlson / Olathe, KS) embarking on a weekend-long adventure in collaborative sound design and music improvisation. This journey began with a strategy to record a series of brief lowercase “micro-compositions”, which would then be woven together into a longer tapestry.

This strategy became obsolete almost immediately.

As sound palettes were created, the duo quickly realized that brief pieces would not provide enough breathing room. Instead, each one was allowed to grow organically from the sounds used—a collection of analog synthesis, digital soft synths, and sample manipulation—fueled by collaborative experimentation.
The end result is a lovely mix of ambient, drone and lowercase soundscapes.

Glowing Men by Angry Red Planet


MCSD NetLabel is proud to announce
Glowing Men
Angry Red Planet

Indianapolis, IN based Angry Red Planet consists of Joe Howard (keyboards, guitar), Simon Howard (keyboards, guitar) and Mark McCleerey (percussion). They formed in 2012 as a merging and continuation of previous projects. Their music is a beguiling, frequency-defying combination of synthesizer textures, edgy percussion and arcane spoken-word fragments.

Particularly striking is their conflation of compelling melodies and sweet tones with unapologetically gritty noise. Their album Glowing Men is a collection of what are essentially well crafted songs, albeit without singing. But the album is also a fascinating journey through lovingly constructed sonic architecture – angry indeed at times, but often playful as well, and in any case a trip worth taking again and again.

Buy the 16 track download and get a bonus track featuring cEvin Key.

Coming soon, Glowing Men by Angry Red Planet

Upcoming release on MCSD NetLabel

Glowing Men by Angry Red Planet

Joe Howard, Simon Howard, Mark McCleerey and bonus track with special guest cEvin Key


“Sound of Thunder” Tour May 9-17

onewayness & dRachEmUsiK

The Sound of Thunder Live
US East Coast May 9-17

FB event here

  • May 9th – Spectrum Loft, 121 Ludlow, 2nd Fl., NY, NY
  • May 10th – Secret Art Space, Bethlehem, PA
  • May 11th – Assemble X, Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave., Queens, New York
  • May 12th – Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  • May 14th- Verse 254, York, PA 254 E. King St.
  • May 15th – The Random Tea Room, Philadelphia 713 N. 4th St.
  • May 17th – Masonic Temple, 80 Broadway, Asheville, NC
  • Mountain Skies electro-music Festival

“Lulling at times but literarily delightful, “Thunder” melds electronica distress and bliss beautifully.”
–Ben Speggen, Erie Reader 4 stars

“These are depths to be plumbed in close listens. There’s a lot happening and a ton of feeling lacing through the mix. onewayness and dRachEmUsiK (aka Adam Holquist and Charles Shriner) expertly manage this tenuous juggling act well, effecting the balance between easy and difficult listening. The Sound of Thunder is a disc you need to go into with an open mind.
Do so, and it will likely win you over quickly.”
— John Shanahan, Hypnagogue Reviews

Today on MflT

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
Tonight on radio.electro-music.com 3:00 – 5:00 PM ET, 20:00 – 22:00 GMT
Two hours of  live improvisations from Atlanta with Kevin Haller, Barbara Vesey Johnson, Klimchak, Frank Schultz, Scott Burland and more!
Tune in @ http://www.electro-music.com/radio #nerdhop

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Playlist 11-20-12

All live improv show

Tonight on MflT

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
Tonight on radio.electro-music.com 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET, 01:00 – 03:00 GMT (Friday)
Two hours of  live improvisations from Atlanta with Kevin Haller, Klimchak, Frank Schultz, Scott Burland and more!
Tune in @ http://www.electro-music.com/radio #nerdhop

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Playlist 11-15-12

All live improv show

Time Drone Halloween & “The Sound of Thunder”

Select tracks from The new release “The Sound of Thunder” by onewayness and dRachEmUsiK will be featured on the Halloween edition of Time Drone, Wednesday, October 31st. The show will be broadcast from noon til 9pm CT and will feature new music from Mark Mosher, Shane Morris, Grove of Whispers, Peter DiPhillips, The New False Gods, The Sound of Thunder, Silvercord, Cousin Silas, Space Rock: The Compilation, Magnetic Wind, and much more!

“The Sound of Thunder” will be released Thursday, November 1st. Downloads and CD will be available at Kunaki, MCSD NetLabel and onomastic.


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