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Tonight on Music from last Thursday 8-28-14

“Music from last Thursday” Radio & Podcast
20:00-22:00 EDT, 00:00-02:00 GMT (Friday)
Live Improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet. Recorded music by Michael Drews, Modulator ESP and onewayness

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Playlist 8-28-14
1. Michael Drews, Live recording from MEME 2014 – 18:12
2. Faux Pas Quartet, Live improvisation – about 40:00
3. Modulator ESP, Cassette Split w/onewayness, mens sana corpore sano – 29:56
4. onewayness., Cassette Split w/Modulator ESP, mens sana corpore sano – 29:29


MEME 2014 featured artist, onewayness

MEME 2014 featured artist: onewayness
MEME Tickets available here.


onewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses hardware and software synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions which draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock, and contemporary electronic ‘listening music’.

The Indiana Electro-Music Group & the Irving Theater proudly announce the Third Midwest Electro-Music Experience (MEME) Festival being held in Historic Irvington at The Irving Theater August 1-2, 2014. MEME is also supported by Sun King BreweryWorld of Vapor Indy and Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium.

Facebook event here.
MEME 2014 is bringing 38 of some of the world’s finest experimental electronic and electroacoustic musicians to Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be joined by local artists for two days of concerts, workshops, demonstrations and collaborations. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for an immersive multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, from synthesizers and theremins to found objects and custom controllers. Saturday afternoon features workshops and an open collaboration stage.

New Release: Immeasureable by onewayness & dRachEmUsiK


Immeasurable is available as a CD and digital download from:
MCSD Netlabel (mcsdnetlabel.com)
Onomastic Records (onomastic.org)

Immeasurable is the second full-length collaboration from onewayness (Adam Holquist / Erie, PA) and dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner / Indianapolis, IN), following 2012’s critically acclaimed The Sound of Thunder, which Star’s End Ambient Radio named as one of their Significant Releases of 2013.

Immeasurable is a long-form piece in four movements, based on the brahmavihāras (the “four immeasurables”), a series of four Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them.  Metta – Loving Kindness, the wish that all sentient beings, without any exception, be happy; Karuna – Compassion, the wish for all sentient beings to be free from suffering; Mudita – Empathetic Joy, the attitude of rejoicing in the happiness and virtues of all sentient beings; Upekkha – Equanimity, the attitude of not distinguishing between friend, enemy or stranger, but regarding every sentient being as equal.

The piece combines deep drones and ambience, percussive and dub elements, and analog warmth from acoustic guitars, bowed strings, vintage electric piano, voice, and shruthi box, to build an ambient, pulsing, sparkling and joyful whole.

2nd onewayness & dRachEmUsiK release

immeasurable_front_notext        immeasurable_back        2014-02-15 19.39.12
Adma Holquist (onewayness) and I finished the music for our most recent collaboration, Immeasureable last night.
I’m very happy with the music! Hopefully, I’ll have the final mixes done this week. The music is similar to our first collaboration, The Sound of Thunder in that it incorporates elements of drone and ambient. However Immeasurable is more tonal, percussive and integrates acoustic instruments like guitar and shrudi box with the electronic instruments.
The music is based on the brahmavihāras (the four immeasurables) which are a series of four Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them. By the time Monday comes around we will have created our new release The Immeasureables made up of four pieces. Loving kindness – metta. Compassion – karuna. Empathetic joy – mudita. Equanimity – upekkha.

Day 1 dRachEmUsiK & onewayness collaboration

onewayness (Adam Holquist) and I started our second full length collaboration today. Our first collaboration, The Sound of Thunder, was creatively very satisfying and critically well received so we decided to do another release. Not to mention that we both enjoying working together.

We had originally planned on starting early this afternoon however Adam ended up stranded  on  I 70 for 90 minutes due to the snow storm, accidents and lane closures. I think at one point he texted saying his car had been in park for over an hour… ugh. Fortunately he arrived safe and reasonably sound about 5pm. After some hang time, cocktails and dinner we set to work. The music is based on the brahmavihāras (the four immeasurables) which are a series of four Buddhist virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them. By the time Monday comes around we will have created our new release The Immeasureables made up of four pieces. Loving kindness – metta. Compassion – karuna. Empathetic joy – mudita. Equanimity – upekkha.
Tonight we made great progress on Loving kindness- metta! All the core sound design, form, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic content is finished. In the morning we will put together the final structure and then record the spoken word parts, additional guitar, synth and percussion. The piece utilizes shrudi box, acoustic & electric guitar, a couple of Marsynths, human voice and a variety of soft synths and processing. It’s ambient, pulsing, sparkling and joyful.
Tonight was a satisfying and joyful way to start the project.
More as things develop.

Today on Music from last Thursday

Today on radio.electro-music.com
15:00-17:00 EDT, 20:00-22:00 GMT
#nerdhop Bleepy, blurpy, glitchy, swirling improvisations by Faux Pas Quartet and recorded music by Klimchak, Adam Holquist, Jason Breitigan and dRachEmUsiK
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Playlist 2-11-14

1. Pas Faux Pas Quartet (Jen, Aaron, Charles)

  1. Live improvisation from 2-6-14 – 27:52

2. Pas Faux Pas Quartet (Duncan, Aaron, Charles)
live improvisations from 7-11-13

  1. Slappy  – 13:33
  2. Wonder – 15:16

3. Klimcak, Adam Holquist, Jason Breitigan, Charles Shriner
live improvisation at The Irving Theater 6-29-13 – 50:30

4. dRachEmUsiK live improvisation from 10-4-13 – 10:00

Today on “Music from last Thursday” 9-24-13

Today on radio.electro-music.com 15:00-17:00 EDT, 19:00-21:00 GMT
#nerdhop Recorded music from Jack Hertz “Eye of God 4″ and onewayness “Drone Works 3″

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Playlist 9-24-13

Jack Hertz, Eye Of God 4

  1. Down the Gullet – 04:31
  2. EH Hahahaha – 03:17
  3. Godzilla Trash Service – 16:26
  4. Hell of a Ride – 12:48
  5. Mechanized Gods For Modified People – 22:15
  6. MTEhem – 11:31
  7. Shit, Shower and Shave – 10:13
  8. Smorse – 04:44

onewayness, Drone Works 3

  1. [din] – 20:00
  2. [wurlitzer] – 16:57


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